Located 10 kilometers away from Balatonföldvár  to the south. Two streams are spring here, the Séd-stream and the Jaba-stream. It is a hydrographic interesting that the Séd is flow to the north, but the Jaba is go on to the south, despite the two headsprings are only 200-300 meters away from each other.

The first written mention - probably - came from 1229.
Initially the Turkish tax list mention that the area was inhabited, but later depopulated and the village became completely abandoned. In 1778 german settlers rebuilt the village.
The officional landowner was the Széchényi family, but many resident possessed own property. 

The Roman Catholic church was built in 1860. At the nearby two memorial can be found; one for Fallens of the First World War and one for the Second World War's fallen heroes.


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