Located 10 km away from the Balaton. Easily accessible from the M7 highway.

According to legend Koppány's fleeing armies find shelter here.
Bálványos and the surrounding area has been inhabited since pre-conquest times. Saint Stephen (Hungary's first king) donated the area to the Pannonhalma Abbey.

After the Turkish occupation in the 18th century the village began to develop faster, at that time it had 300 inhabitants.

On the early 20th century Miklós Horthy (hungarian governor) discover the area's rich hunting grounds, so he built an artificial road to the village.

The Roman Catholic church - which was built in 1780 in Baroque style - , and the Protestant church - which was built in 1836 from donations - are worth a visit if you are in the nearby.
The village's typical hungarian houses are shows folk architecture features.


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