The town is called the North Gate of Somogy county, because the only ferry can be found here wich is connect the southern coast and north coast. This makes Szántód quite busy. 

Szántód is an Árpád-era village, however the first written mention is originated back to 1211 this document also mention the existence of the ferry.

Through the centuries, a large wooden ship traveled between the two shores of the Balaton, but today modern ferries carry passengers and cars.

Szántód famous tourist attraction is Szántódpuszta, which received the Europa Nostra Award in 1995 for guarding the architectural traditions. The Treasury was given to Pálóczi Horváth Ádám in 1785, who lived in the farm for almost a decade. Many of his literary works were born here. Because of his versatility and high readership contemporaries considered him a polymath.

Our town's waterfront and hilly quiet environment suited for peaceful rest, larger and smaller trips, provide active recreation for nature lovers.


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