Located 10 km away from Balatonszárszó to the south in Szólád's direction.

The first written mention originates from the era of Béla the II. (1138). In the 15th century 128 plots were registered, but during the Turkish occupation decimated the population. In 1549 1 plot was registered in the village, and only 18 residents were identified. The Calvinist Hungarians settled after the expulsion of the Turks.

Today's image of the village emerged in the 1900s. At this time, the number of inhabitants was 1050 people. In 1990, 534 people lived in the village.

The Protestant Church originally built during the middle ages, but they renoveted in 1784 in Baroque style. Today it is a protected monument.

A little fishing lake lays at the border of the town in  a beautiful surrounding.


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