Located 9 km away from Balatonszárszó in a picturesque valley. It's highest point is the Csillagó-hill located 314 m, near the Alman-roof(316m) which Somogy county's highest place.

Kötcse is an Árpád-age settlement, but the first written mention is originates back to 1229. During the years of the Turkish occupation, it was almost completely destroyed, settling began in the early 1700s, when mostly German families arrived to Kötcse. The Lutheran traditions are kept within the community, one of them is called Kötcse Kerbájt, which in 2016 has been staged 218th time.

Kötcse is the richest wine region in the area. Local wineries are gladly introduce the grape varieties and wine culture during tastings.

From the former nineteen mansions nine are still stands to talk about the village's past. Two of them are give place to the school and the kindergarten today.


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