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Somogy county's first recreational shooting range (Élménylőtér) opened on December 23rd in 2013 in Somogyaszaló, and is open all year round for everybody from beginners to professional shooters. Experience shows that people are interested in shooting are not only coming from around Somogyaszaló but also from Lake Balaton or other holiday resorts around the county and even guest from castles, or people who are just crossing through the county. The Élménylőtér can be reached in an hour from any part of the county on multiple routes, and our visitors say that the experience that they get here is worth the ride. We are pleased that foreigners also choose our shooting range for a little relaxation.

We provide qualitative shooting possibility not only for competition shooters, hunters, security firms but also for people who are interested in shooting as a recreational possibility but don't have a shooting license. The shooting range has been arranged specifically so that even those who don't have any experience in shooting can be successful and have great results even for the first time. To help accomplish this, our visitors can use quality weapons that are acclaimed and popular, manufactured by Glock, Browning, Feinwerkbau or Anschütz. Our clay pigeon throwing machines are automated and remote controlled, all of the precision rifles, even the air rifles, are scoped. The targets have also been arranged so that beginners and professionals can find their own challenges. From the feedback we get form our guest we try to expand our range of weapons and develop new and interesting targets.

For hunters we offer personal training: by simulating hunting eventualities on our clay shooting range they can practice shooting winged game, and with bullet type weapons they can prepare for stationary or moving targets. They may also sight in their hunting rifles. We offer training for the practical test for those who wish to obtain a hunting license.

Sportsmen can practice sporting clay and Olympic Skeet shooting, and also train for small and large caliber handgun events. Security firm staff can also practice their mandatory shooting exercise.

Guests without a shooting permit can try out any weapons of their choosing, or they can choose any of our shooting packs ranging from precision shooting to the commando or hunting simulation. Guests can try out shooting a real weapon and experience all of its physical effects (kickback, noise), and for some weapons 'lighter' ammunition can be chosen with smaller kickback.

For ladies we offer small caliber pistols and precision shooting, and children over the age of 8 can try out air guns on metal silhouettes. Children under the age of 8 can try out our airsoft weapons. You do not need any kind of permit or previous weapon training, nor any special talent to be successful: we consider it to be our duty to teach everyone to shoot with the weapon of their choosing.

Shooting is an active and intriguing recreational activity: it is suitable for a special birthday present, or a family programme. It is also a great opportunity to fascinate your co-partners, for corporate team building or even for bachelor day. Available individually or in groups up to 20 persons by prior appointment.

Our leading instructor Lipcsik, István achieved 4 personal Hungarian Champion titles in Olympic Skeet shooting events between 1997 and 2004. He has several shooting titles in different clay shooting events, and in 2013 and 2014 he acquired two silver medals in the Hungarian National Moving Target Championship on 50 meters. He is the shooting instructor at Hertelendy ***** Castle in Somogy county since 2007, thus has great experience in providing high quality entertainment for guests with high standards of relaxation.In 2015 on 50 meters and in 2016 on 10 meters he became champion in the Hungarian National Moving Target Championship while representing the Élménylőtér Sports Shooting Association.

Opening hours: every day by prior arrangement

Service: adventure shooting for children and adults

Cash payment only!

According to current regulations, wearing a mask is mandatory!

Service properties
Town: Balatonföldvár
Földvár Card: No
Turisztikai kártya elfogadóhely: No
Pet-friendly: No

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