Diós Camping

Our camping site is situated in the western boundary of Balatonföldvár (from the direction of Keszthely), next to the main road No. 70, on the top of the hill, about 40 m above the level of Lake Balaton. It is surrounded by the town in the east, by ploughed fields in the south and in the west, and by a narrow forest belt in the north.

It is a three-star camping, more than one hectare large, landscaped, with even and grassy soil, where almost 200 walnut trees give relaxation for those who want to take a rest here. Due to its ideal location, mild breeze moderates the heat even in the hottest weather.

We opened in 1992 with the aim of creating a cosy and homely camping site.

We wanted a little island where families with small children, students and young people, but elderly couples as well feel at home, where they can have a conversation about “world-saving” topics by the camp-fire with a drink or play fierce card games until dawn.

A little island where people greet each other and talk to each other, where they make friends, where - by having a chat with foreigners - we can realize how much alike we are.

Diós Camping
8623 Balatonföldvár Mikes Kelemen street 1. Hungary

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