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Szólád is just 5 km away from Balatonszárszó so if someone got tired on the beach can go for a walk to Szólád and see the hilly green little village.

Grape yards and good quality grapes and wine is produced in the hills of Szólád. It has been significantly contributed to the reputation of the South-Balaton Wine District. As a member of the South-Balaton wine road it hosts a famous wine competition in October every year. Those who loves trekking can use the tourist roads, wich go trough dirt roads in the line of wine cellars. If we are in Szólád we shouldn't miss the Europe Prized loess cellars row. The Wine and Balaton and horse-show days, a gastronomic event takes place here every year. Walking in the tourist paths we can reach Alman-tető the highest point of Somogy County as well as the castle in Kereki trough a nearly untouched oak forest. The other famous sight of Szólád is the Szkíta-Golgota shrine, what called Nezde memorial park. Let's don't forget to mention the two churches of the village: the Reformed church and the late-baroque Catholic church.

Routes around the place

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