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Nagycsepely is a dead-end village in Somogy County with picturesque surrounding. It can be accessed in the motorway coming south from Balatonszárszó.

The distance is only 10 km. The oak forests around the village are very popular among the tourists and hunters. There is a well-constructed forest way leading to the fishing pond. The environment provides the atmosphere of the peace and harmony as well as many possibilities for relaxation.

About history:

The first written document of the settlement is the grant letter from 1138 by King Béla the Second. The Calvinist church which was constructed in the 1784 is a historical building. The former church ruins, from the medieval age, was used during its reconstruction. It is the residence of the parich-priest and the church garden gives places for youth camps during the summer. The appearing symbols in the emblem refer to the untouched nature.

Routes around the place

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