Visit the 200-year-old cellar in Kötcse, and enjoy our wine tasting programs!

The family winery is in the northern hills of Somogy county. Our wines - Chardonnay, Riesling, Portugieser, Gamay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon as well as "Csillagó Rose" - prepared with partly traditional - partly reductive technologies, aged in oak barrels.

Freshly baked bread, home-made scones and cheeses awaits you in our family winery.

Wine tasting programs from spring to autumn by appointment. (max. 40 people)

"László Veszprémi's winery in Kötcse is tiny and hidden, and his bottles are not on the shelves of wine shops. This is exactly why visiting the cellar is a must. The Veszprémi Winery is another specimen of the exciting artisanal mini-wineries that make wine for "their own joy." Thus its resemblane to its neighbour, the Kislaki Wine Manufacture is by no means surprising.

The quality of the wines made here is justified by the wine selection of the nearby Kistücsök étterem. Balázs Csapody always keeps some bottles by László Veszprémi in stock beside the countrywide-known names. Don't even look for Veszprémi wines elsewhere. Perhaps, you'd find a few in Szántódpuszta and in local shops, but almost all the bottles are bought right on spot, at the winery in Kötcse.

The Veszprémi Winery is definitely a place for which one is happy to drive or hike 8 kilometres from the lakeshore. In good weather, the winetasting is likely to be accompanied by some cooking, and some farmgate cheese and sausage, but advance registration is recommended. You can buy wines below retail price and "on tap" as well, and the informal manner of László Veszprémi soon turns your shopping inquiry into a friendly chat."

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Type: Winery
Payment methods: Cash
Opening hours: Seasonal
Services: Terrace/Garden, Wine tasting
Town: Kötcse
Barrier-free: No
Pet-friendly: No

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