We look forward to welcoming you all to the PTE Bassoon Chamber of the Regional Chamber Choir Series of the Pécs University Music Institute.
  • Ágnes Herpay, bassoon artist
  • Ágnes Ducza, bassoon
  • Balázs Fehér, bassoon
  • Lívia Matkovics, basson
  • Peter Vedres, basson
PTE MK Musical Institute
The Institute of Music of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs is delighted to continue it's regional chamber concerts series from the spring of 2017 in the Small and Large Cities of Somogy, Tolna, Baranya and Zala in a total of 15 locations.
Our goal is to showcase the music lovers of the region and our hope that it will be presented with extraordinary productions that are less likely to be offered to the city's outstanding music.
First of all, works are performed on solo instruments, vocal music and chamber music, in the form of sonata, songs and chamber orchestral evenings.
Our series of concerts is inspired by the outstanding artistic productions of the Pécs University Music Institute. The Liszt and Kossuth prize-winning international artists and the rising new generation of artists form the chamber ensembles.
Entry is free of charge.
Town: Balatonföldvár
Nature: Musical & Entertaining
Free: Yes

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