The South Balaton region finest award winning wines awaits you in the cellars of the wine grower families.

The programs are include wine and brandy tasting. Dinner also available on request.

Pannonia was one of the most beautiful landscapes in the South Balaton Wine Region, where the Celts and the Romans grown in grape and made wine.

Our Conquering ancestors have known of this plant from the Caucasus region.

Now days in sixteen mountain village area there are nearly 4,000 farmers cultivate grapes. Over the past 20 years, the ownership structure has changed, developed the family-run wineries, thus enrich the region's offerings.

The wine regions ruling soil is loess. This soil is relatively deep layered of nutrients and has good water management. As a result, there is no shortage of water, which would interfere with the grapes’ life activity, sugar, acid, flavor formation, also the acids do not burn therefore are not dulled the flavors and aromas.

Conditions are excellent the preparation of the airy, harmonious muscat wines and champagnes, as well as other white wines. Prevalent are the white grape varieties which are suitable for today’s favored fruity, light, elegant wine and sparkling wine production. There are no differences among the major vintages; all of them characterized by fine acids.

You can taste the fine wine of the Lake Balaton in small, cozy wine cellars.


Podmaniczky Winery
8623 Balatonföldvár, Radnóti str.
Tel: +36 84 341 464, +36 30 9393 284

Hotel Főnix
8623 Balatonföldvár, Spur I. str. 27.
Tel.: +36-84 540 182

Kistücsök Restaurant, Winery
8636 Balatonszemes, Bajcsy - Zs. str. 25.
Tel.: +36 84 360 133

Topos Winery
8617 Kőröshegy, Kishegy
Tel.: +36 30 217 3387

Fáncsi-hegyi Winery
8627 Kötcse
Tel.: +36 84 367 562
+36 20 9- 741-045 | +36 30 470 89 22

Gutman Winery
8627 Kötcse
Tel.: +36 20 471 5114

Veszprémi Winery
8627 Kötcse
Tel.: +36 30 595 2942

Buzás Wines
8627 Kötcse, Petőfi str. 36.
Mobil: +36-30/932-6757

Ádám Pince
Tel.: +36 30 956 7232

Szt. Kristóf Winecellar
8621 Zamárdi, Alsópincesor Pf.: 34.
Tel.: +36-30/9365-092 | +36-30/3353-553


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