Treasures of Szólád

9.26 km
Dirt: 20% (1.85 km); Rocky: 30% (2.78 km); Asphalt: 50% (4.63 km)
All year round
Mountain bike tour, Walking, Bicycle, Hub-and-spoke bike tour


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Szólád – Nezdepuszta – Szólád loess cellars round trip


We can start our trip from Szólád to Nezdepuszta on the car road, direction to Kötcse to see the Scythian Golgotha memorial park. The local legend says, that Koppány (the great Hungarian leader, whose body was divided by 4 after his death - according the accurate history) was lying here in one piece, and his soul was still wandering here. When we start our tour back, we follow the road what we took for few hundred meters, then we make a right turn and follow the reeds and soon we arrive back with a small circle to the European Awarded loess cellars to Szólád.

The closest – to the start

    -bus stop: Szólád, Községháza

    -railway station: Balatonszárszó

The closest – to the end

    -bus stop: Szólád, Községháza

    -railway station: Balatonszárszó

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