Ruins of Kereki castle

Castle ruins


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Kereki settlement's main attraction is the medieval castle ruins what we can reach with a romantic walk in the nature or by car, train or bicycle.

The irregular elliptical-shaped ruins lie southwest of the village, rising north of the Levelesi forest on the top of the 283 m high Castle Hill.The settlement located 7 km far from the souther shore of Lake Balaton, in the Kőröshegy-Pusztaszemes Valley. Most of the castle was built of brick, stone was only used in certain parts of the wall, entrances, window framing and in the base of the newly discovered gate tower. The castle entrance was accessible from the south side where the wooden bridge leaded over the 5-6 m deep and 6-8 m wide moat to the gate with drawbridge.

The ruins today consist of only one floor level, however were originally two floors. Remaining walls of the strongest in the southwest corner 10-12 m tall tower-like part of a huge outdoor wall 6 m cylindrical ledge running along inside the Gothic stone residues and upstairs hallway initial traces of vaulting. The wall and pillars surrounding the castle yard are 1.5 m thick.

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